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More people turning to private security

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

You can’t escape the headlines about rising levels of violent crime in the UK, particularly in London, and it’s therefore little surprise that people are looking for alternative ways to protect themselves.

For those who can afford it, personal security in London may be one solution, with one Guardian journalist recently highlighting the rising number of people who are engaging private security services.

Writing for the news provider Sonia Sodha revealed the growing popularity of private security guards, both for homes and commercial properties. She noted that, in 2015, there were 50 per cent more security guards employed in the UK than police officers, for example.

This trend could well spill over into personal security too, with wealthy people concerned about their safety when they’re out and about in the city.

Part of the problem, according to Ms Sodha, is not only that police funding in the UK has been significantly cut, but that at the same time investigating crimes has become more complex and resource intensive.

“The vast amounts of personal data we now amass have hugely expanded the amount of evidence police have to work through on crimes,” she stated.

Of course, with a personal bodyguard you may be able to stop a crime before it’s committed.

London mayor Sadiq Khan recently said that it could take “a generation” to solve the violent crime problem that’s plaguing the country’s capital city, noting that there needs to be considerable work to change the attitudes and beliefs of children and teenagers who are routinely carrying knives.


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