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FAQ's About Hiring A Bodyguard In London

Q: Who can hire bodyguards in London?

A: Anyone. Or at least anyone who can afford to pay for the services of a licensed, professional private London bodyguard and security adviser.


Q: Is there a difference between a bodyguard and security adviser?

A: No. They are one and the same and more formally known as a Close Protection Officer.


Q: Are Christie and Associates bodyguards and security advisers always dressed in suites and sunglasses and have radios in their ears?

A: No, what you see on our website is for marketing purposes only. In fact our bodyguards hardly ever where a suit, tie, ear piece or even sunglasses. 


Smart casual, discreet, vigilant and polite better describes a Christie and Associates bodyguard. If you’ve ever been to London then there’s a chance you’ve walked passed one of our operatives and never even knew he was a highly trained, professional licensed bodyguard on the job protecting a very important person.


Q: How much does it cost to hire a bodyguard and security adviser in London?

A: It depends on the experience and quality of the close protection company but the general rates for licensed bodyguards for hire in London are between a minimum of £30.00 per hour ranging to more than £50.00 per hour for premium close protection services depending on a number of factors including threat to client and length of indenture. The only way to get an accurate quote is to send us an email or give us a call.


Q: I’m thinking about hiring a bodyguard but I’m worried that he’ll look like a thug and that it’ll be obvious my every move is being watched over by a very large, stupid and aggressive man. Is it possible that my bodyguard can blend in and won’t embarrass me in front of friends and family?

A: Christie and Associates specialises in providing our clients with well spoken, well presented and highly trained former armed police and military personnel that our clients are happy to have close to them while going about their daily lives in London and the world’s most affluent areas.


Our discreet bodyguards and security advisers are often introduced to our client’s family, social networks and business associates simply as friends, assistants,  colleagues, drivers, house managers, advisers or whatever title the client is most comfortable with. 


Our operatives are friendly and humorous but deadly serious when they need to be.


Q: I’m thinking about hiring a bodyguard long term – can I negotiate the fee?

A: Yes, absolutely. The longer the contract the lower the fees. Everything in close protection is bespoke and with longer term contracts so are the rates.


Q: What exactly does a modern day bodyguard and security adviser do? Will he boss me around and tell me what to do or how to live my life?

A: No, absolutely not. In fact our operatives will go out of their way to blend in seamlessly to your lifestyle and will only ever offer advice or guidance when asked to do so by yourself or when he feels it’s absolutely necessary.


Q: Is it a long and complicated process to hire a bodyguard in London?

A: It’s as easy as sending us an email or giving us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance.

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