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Call:  0044 (0) 74 8259 8923
Call:  0044 (0) 74 8259 8923
Call:  0044 (0) 74 8259 8923




Former armed police & military personnel



Formerly CTW, operating since 2004, Christie and Associates is a premium executive close protection consultancy, private security and specialist advisory company based in London. 

With agents, affiliates and strategic partners worldwide. We provide security consultancy, special advice and protective security solutions to politicians, royalty, influential families, corporate enterprises, top executives and highly successful private individuals.
Our core specialities being a one point of contact security consultancy service, the provision of highly trained professional bodyguards and bespoke intelligence solutions.
London Bodyguard
London Bodyguards
London Bodyguard Services


Do you require a personal bodyguard and security adviser?

We have a core team of experienced and fully licensed security advisers and bodyguards in London and a worldwide database of highly trained former armed police and military bodyguards, with our head office based in London. All of our highly trained London based close protection operatives and security consultants are registered and licensed with the UK Home Office’s Security Industry Authority. Our operatives are trained in first aid and come from a multitude of backgrounds, armed police and military and are of varied nationalities. Therefore we are able to supply the services of the security advisers and bodyguards that speak your language.

We provide highly trained former armed police and military bodyguards and we will endeavour to provide you with the most appropriate close protection officer who will be able to seamlessly melt into the background and provide you with discreet, unobtrusive professional security - You decide how you want your personal protection carried out - It can be done in a high profile manner making it obvious that you have a bodyguard and security adviser or in a low profile manner introducing your protector as a friend, personal assistant or colleague.

We can provide you with a single bodyguard and security adviser or a team of bodyguards for the following:

  • Bespoke Intelligence Solutions

  • Private Residential Security

  • Royalty Close Protection Services

  • Protective Surveillance 

  • Diplomatic Security

  • Counter Surveillance 

  • Celebrity Close Protection Services

  • Portfolio Management

  • Family Security

  • Child Close Protection Services

  • Superyacht Security

  • Executive Close Protection Services

  • Hotel Security

  • Property Protection

  • International Travel Security 

  • Public Appearances

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Shopping Trips in London

  • Gallery Openings

  • Launches and Exhibitions

  • Movie Premiers

  • Residential Security

  • 24 Hour Close Protection Services 

  • Discreet Asset Protection and Transportation

Celebrity bodyguard services and general bodyguards for hire in London, to name some of the instances where you may require the services of a protector and aide. Whatever your requirements may be Christie and Associates is the leading premium provider of discreet hire bodyguards for London. Our pricing structure is flexible, from per hour rates to daily and weekly fixed fees, ensuring you receive maximum value for your money.

If you would like to discuss your bodyguard hire requirements further you can email us:

or call on: 0800 030 6876 - UK Clients or 0044 20 3858 0787- International Clients


We look forward to hearing from you.

Christie & Associates

London Bodyguard Agency providing Professional London Bodyguard Services and London Bodyguards for Hire, more formally referred to as Close Protection Operatives, is one of the most delicate businesses in the world. London’s operating environment is completely unique without comparison and requires an experienced hand. The world’s elite, from Hollywood superstars, royalty, politicians and fashion and art world figures and socialites to the giants of the corporate world all live, regularly travel in and out of and work in London.

Providing understated, safe, discreet and comprehensive protection to these highly successful individuals requires great attention to detail, planning and preparation. We do it without going over the top or adversely effecting our clients reputation, image or brand. It is in fact an art, our art.

Christie and Associates is based in London with our head office nestled in the heart of the city. Therefore we are able to deploy one of our dedicated London bodyguards or London bodyguard teams anywhere in London within just eight hours.

All of our London bodyguards are registered with the UK Home Office (SIA) Security Industry Authority. All of our London bodyguards are former law enforcement or military personnel or have at least 10 years experience within the London based security sector. Our intimate understanding and experience in providing personal close protection in London is unrivalled.

Call us or send us an email and experience our service for yourself.



Christie & Associates provide one of the world’s most comprehensive resources for private military and armed police protective contractor services. Our international operative and partner company databank covering over 40 countries globally is comprised of highly trained and motivated, dedicated former armed police and military personnel. All Christie & Associates operatives and strategic partners come from an armed law enforcement or military background and have strong interpersonal skills focused on contract delivery.

Our operatives all have empirical experience of their city of residence and will provide an in depth perspective of expert knowledge to any client visiting or travelling within their city of operations. The majority of our operatives and strategic partners are bilingual and will be able to act as translators where needed. Trained in advanced driving skills, first aid, hand to hand combat, advanced tactical operations and risk awareness and mitigation measures our security advisers meet the requirements of multiple service providers. 

From guide to security driver, translator and assistant though first and foremost personal protector, it makes sense to have a Christie & Associates adviser by your side. From first world sophisticated European cities to high risk countries on the African continent - Christie & Associates has you covered.







Phone:  0800 030 6876 - UK Clients

Phone:  0044 20 3858 0787 - International Clients


Signal, Telegram, What's App: 0044 (0) 7999 555595

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Surrey, KT13 8AH


Registered in England and Wales with Companies House

Registration Number 11401718

VAT Registration Number 339526674

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