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Impress and protect your guests and VIP’s with our unparalleled premium event protection services carried out with martial precision under a military style command structure delivered with five star hospitality.


Our former armed police and military personnel will ensure that your private event remains private and that your exclusive occasion remains just that, exclusive.


Christie and Associates close protection operatives will meet and greet your VIP guests as their vehicles arrive at your chosen venue and will open the door and escort them in as if they were our very own Christie and Associates personal protection clients.


We will strictly manage and enforce your guest list paying special attention not to inconvenience any of your VVIP’s or special guests and will keep out any potential threats as well as casual gate-crashers, hangers-on and unwanted members of the press or we will help you manage the media if some coverage is indeed wanted.


Our operatives are not only highly trained and motivated but are also extremely well presented, well spoken, polite, strong and confident.


Unlike other security companies offering event security services and filling the positions with security guards, stewards, door supervisors and bouncers all of our operatives are professional, licensed, close protection officers; bodyguards. They are formidable yet approachable. We provide an exclusive event security service and only supply our services to the world’s most influential and discerning people.


Our premium London and Surrey event security service is perfect for the following occasions:


  • Mansion and Country Estate Parties

  • Private Auctions


  • Super Yacht Parties

  • Business Meetings


  • VIP After Parties  


  • Royal Celebrations


  • Executive Soirées


  • Private Celebrity Festivities

Christie and Associates premium private event security service is the no nonsense go-to security option for private individuals, exclusive and highly successful event planners and privacy, reputation and brand managers who are looking for the gold standard in elite event security in London and Surrey.


As you would expect our rates are at a premium and are tailor made to suit your demands, so get in touch to get an exact quote for a bespoke solution to your event security requirements.


Call: 0800 030 6876 

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