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What’s life like as a female bodyguard?

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

While the majority of bodyguards in London and elsewhere around the world are male, there are still female personal security guards available for hire… but what is it actually like being a woman in this very male-dominated industry?

Speaking to BBC World Service’s Business Daily programme, the first woman to become a bodyguard here in the UK discussed her work, which involved not only protecting royals and celebrities but also carrying out undercover surveillance and rescuing hostages.

She went on to say that she joined the police force initially but moved into private security so she could enjoy a more varied job. And since making this move back in 1980, she says she really has enjoyed a very varied role, once even begging on Iraqi streets disguised as a burka as part of a plan to rescue oil workers!

Since she joined the industry, more women have signed up but they still make up just one in ten bodyguards in this country.

“When I came into the industry it was a very he-man attitude," the operative said. “They just always wanted me to look after the female principal or the children which was ironic - as most of them were fathers and I wasn't even a mother!”

When looking into hiring a bodyguard, always make sure that they have sufficient training and have been fully licensed.

Choosing someone with years of experience behind them is also a wise move, depending on the nature of the job. Always ask penetrating questions before you hire someone and make sure you can verify their background and work history.

Sarah A,


Christie And Associates


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